Tuesday, October 30, 2018


01A3C692-53C6-48EA-833D-13E0EDDAC4A4Today is our last day in Israel. We will be leaving Israel for Mexico at midnight tonight.

Yad VaShem, Israel Memorial Museum to the Holocust

Our last day started out visiting Yad VaShem, the Israel Memorial Museum to the Holocaust. Here we examined the most notorious genocide in history and the connection between the Church, Jesus and the Jewish people.  Six million Jews lost their lives including 1 and a half million children. This was a difficult place to visit as we remember those who lost their lives. The museum has many sections representing the various countries and location where Jews were taken by the Nazi genocide. There are people who survived telling their stories.

Inside the memorial
Pictures of people who lost their lives

There is also a memorial to all the children whose lives were taken in this awful genocide. Walking through the children memorial it is dark and looks like candles burning. You can hardly see ahead of you. You see pictures of children, their names, age, and from their country are mentioned. Very sad and solemn. There is another section that shows pictures of people and their names who lost their lives.


Memorial to children by Abraham and Edita Spiegel in memory of son Uriel
Uriel killed in Auschwitz in 1944
Children memorial
Tree planted in honor of Corrie ten Boom, author of “The Hiding Place”

Trees are planted around the memorial. This tree was planted for Corrie ten Boom who wrote “The Hiding Place.” This book is about a watchmaker and later an author who worked with her father, sister and other family members to help many Jews escape the Holocaust by hiding them in their home. I have read this book and suggest reading it.

Inside Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem 

Next we went to Bethlehem and visited the Church of the Nativity which marks the probable site of the birth of Jesus. Bethlehem is now in Palestinian territory. We also ate lunch here run by Arab Christians. We drove through an area “Shepherd’s Field” where the angels heralded the birth of the Messiah.

We then went back to the guest house to have dinner and pack to travel back to Mexico.  We left the guest house about 8pm as our flight was at midnight.

As I reflect back on my trip to Israel, the Holy Land I am thankful I had the opportunity to visit.  This was always a place I wanted to visit. I have heard once you visit Israel you are never quite the same.  Visiting where Jesus was born, walked, died, and rose from the grave is a feeling I can’t explain. Also being baptized in the Jordan River where Jesus was baptized has special meaning to me. To be standing on the Mount of Olives where he ascended to the Father and where he will return someday in the future is breathtaking.

I hope you were blessed by sharing my travels to the Holy Land and sharing Jesus and his story.  He is my Lord and Savior!

Shalom, Blessings and Love



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