Friday, October 26, 2018

Christ Church Guest House


We were suppose to be in Masada but due to road closing because of water and washouts we didn’t go. Masada is where Herod the Great had his magnificent fortress palace in the desert, and the last stand of the Zealots, a Jewish revolutionary group at the time of Jesus.

We started out at the En Gedi which was closed because of the floods and people not able to get to work. This is the area where David hid from Saul, as Saul was trying to kill David.

We were in the area of the Dead Sea.  We stopped at a Dead Sea beach where those who wanted to get in the water and float could do so. I did not go as there were a lot of warnings of not to get in your lungs as the salt will sufagate you. There are no hospitals close nearest would be Jerusalem and even then there is not much one can do to rescue you. David, our guide told us there are people who die at the Dead Sea. I am not a water person anyway. The people who went had a good time and some put the mud on their face or body.

Annabel coming out of Dead Sea
View from rooftop of Dome of the Rock

We then traveled to Jerusalem, the city of the Great King.  We will be here for the remainder of our trip.  We checked into Christ Church Guest House.  We had a Shabbat dinner as the Sabbath had started. We broke bread and had either wine or grape juice, lit candles.  We read together different Psalms and sang a song.  A pastor from Christ Church explained what is done at Shabbat and Jewish customs. After dinner David, the pastor took us for a long walk which was very difficult and strenuous as a lot of stairs and up hill.  We were told a stroll.  We went up to the rooftop to see a panorama of the Old City.  We came back exhausted, showered and went to bed.

Christ Church Coffee Shop
View of Western Wall from rooftop
Lutheran Church and a mosque in the background
Dome of the Rock



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