Wednesday, October 24, 2018

17A0629A-AE94-49DE-9551-B404098890AAWe traveled to Northern Israel today. We began by traveling up to the Golan Heights. We visited a reconstructed Talmudic village of Katzrin. Here we also visited an olive producing factory that is family owned. Olea Essence makes olive oil and olive oil cosmetic products. I bought some olive oil and a few cosmetics. They explained how they harvest their olives. Olives are also found at every meal in Israel. I bought olive oil made from both black and green olives. Many Israeli’s drink the first pressed olive oil for breakfast. Also suppose to be very good for diabetics.

We also stopped at a winery. Several went into store and bought wine.

At winery
Ancient olive press

Next we traveled along the lower slopes of Mount Hermon, Israel’s highest mountain, and the likely site of the Transfiguration.  The next area was Caesarea Philippi, in the region where Peter made his famous confession that Jesus is the Messiah. Along the way we passed Druze villages.  Druze are a unique religious minority among Arab citizens of Israel.

We then came to Mt. Bental, a lookout spot near the Syria border and the area of the road to Damascus where Paul met the Lord.

Land mine near Syria border in Israel

At this area you could see the areas belonging to Syria and then after war with Israel they are now part of Israel. There are many land mines all over the place and Israeli soldiers man this area. To see Syria and their border and behind a hill would be Damascus, was very interesting.  To be where all this history has taken place has been an adventure.

The Syria border is referred to as the Valley of Tears. So many people died.  450 Syrian tanks versus 45 Israeli. Israel took this area back know as the Golan Heights.

Soldier patrolling Syria / Israel border
Bet She’An

We also visited Bet She’An National Park. This is the Bibical City and is the excavations of its Roman-Byzantine period.

Bet She’An

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